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All in all you have eloquence and wit, and nothing stands in your way, unless you do it yourself.

You always place the lives of your companions first bravely, while also making sure that every one else is doing okay as well.

With that unspeakable charm of yours, you can do just about anything.

That intuition of yours is what sets you apart from other people, it combines wonderfully with your compassion, making you the perfect person to rely on whenever someone needs a helping hand.

You are a strong source of power, with a love for the sweeter things in life, and a heart as pure as gold.

You have the biggest heart, even if you don't know it yourself. Your intelligence places you high above the rest of your peers.

Hard work, dedication and sometimes pressure can get to you sometimes, but the friends around you will always make sure that you're having fun.You are an essential member in your group of friends and family, and you always strive to make others feel confident, even when they're feeling down and weak.The strongest part of your soul is your vast knowledge of what others need.You care deeply about the safety and feelings of others, so much so that you become a somewhat gentle guardian.The strong, silent part of your soul can intimidate others greatly, but in the end that big heart of yours is what eventually pulls people in your direction naturally.You strive to be the positive source in your group of friends, and naturally people flock to you for a good time.

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